About us

The founders of Nikaa Photography Co., Hajna and Hanna Németh, mother and daughter have been working together since 2007. During this time, they have been proven in many areas of photography, from worldwide famous book illustrations to portrait photography. Their latest plan is to decorate the plain walls of homes, waiting rooms, hotel rooms and offices with the small, sometimes invisible beauties of nature. This is why Nikaa Photography Wall Decor was created, where Hajna is acting mostly as the “painter” while Hanna is the sharp-eyed “gallery owner”. Of course, nothing is set in stone, roles can change occasionally, but one thing is guaranteed: the brilliant images that can fill any blank space with life.

Our philosophy

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Audrey Hepburn
The modern man’s garden has been lost. However, with our photos we create a new garden, an opportunity for humans to reengage in nature’s not at all monotone, but perfect rhythm.

Personal thoughts


Photographing for me is like it might have been for Alice when she entered wonderland. The photo highlights even the smallest detail of the object, which almost surprises me when I realise it exists. The nature image – even if for a second – can calm the viewer and help him leave behind part of the confusion generated by the world. In the last couple of hundred years we have distanced ourselves from nature and have thrown ourselves into the monotonous grayness of the bustling cities. But the desire of returning still lives inside us. If we pay attention, we can make space for plants, forests and trees in the different scenes of our lives again. Actually, we also need to somehow get back into the rhythm of nature, even through images, because, after all, the same energies are moving us and the world around us. As a child, thanks to my parents I had an extraordinary relationship with nature. With my dad, who worked as a forest engineer, I was always outdoors, and my mother, wherever we lived, surrounded us with a wonderful garden. I often laid in the grass and watched this fabulous macro world, it might have been then that I fell in love with the hidden beauties of nature.



We spend the most of our lives in enclosed spaces and between walls. We build houses around us and work hidden, behind glasses and concrete beams. In the meantime, we are getting further away from the environment we were originally born into. But with the help of nature images we can break these walls. They expand the space and a new kind of relationship is born between humans and nature. The most important for me is to bring the unparalleled beauty of nature closer to the people.

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